Meet Adam!

I’m Adam! I am a writer, speaker, and organizer, engaging philosophy, illness, and healthcare. I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2016 while completing my grad requirements for a master’s degree in Philosophy.

Adam’s Patient Advocacy Experience

After my diagnosis, I dove head (brain?) first into patient advocacy with the brain tumor community. I serve on the Board of Directors with National Brain Tumor Society, I serve the Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program, under the federal Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, I’m an ePatient scholar with the Stanford University’s Medicine X community, I have served on the grant-funded Brain Cancer Quality of Life Collaborative, I was a speaker at the 2019 End Well Symposium, I co-facilitates a monthly virtual support group for the brain tumor community, and I publishes often, discussing everything from ableism, to talking to kids about cancer, to long-term cancer survivorship, and I’m a syndicated blogger with Cancer Health. I also publish in Academic presses, including Science, Philosophy in Review, and The Polyphony. See all of my academic pubs on Research Gate or Academia.

Most of the time you can catch me striking the keys of my laptop while me and my spouse’s three kids are in elementary school, or find me blaring Bay Area punk rock while I wash the dishes after dinner.

Roon: The Place Online for People Navigating Complex Health Conditions

In 2021, I joined the team at Roon, reimagining the experience of navigating health and disease information. This short-form video platform brings medically vetted information to patients and care partners in a human way, with humor, empathy, and kindness. Available online and in the Apple App Store, I’m super proud of our work on this tool. Get the app and share your feedback!

Why Subscribe?

After maintaining a wordpress version of this blog for years, I recently moved the entire operation over here to Substack. I made this decision for a few reasons…

  • Social Media disenfranchisement. Social media was the place where I built and joined strong patient advocate communities. That was then; this is now. With poor content moderation, breaches of privacy and security, misinformation-disinformation, and the infusion of massive wealth, social media is no longer a safe space for authentic connection. It was time to find a new home

  • Focus on the writing. Substack is first and foremost a writing platform, for writers. I’m a writer. I do other things like speaking and event organizing, but I’m a writer first, and I belong in a writer’s space

  • Inbox content. The digital world is competing for everyone’s attention, all the time. Here, I can write to you, my audience, with trust that my content is delivered right to your inbox, and we can share in that trusting communion together

  • Community building. Substack has created great ways to engage our communities. With subscriber-only comment sections and subscriber-only chats, we can be authentic and build relationships, without intrusion or spam

  • Support the work. Substack enables you to join as a paying subscriber, which is a super easy way to support my writing and advocacy. I try to make 99% of my writing accessible to everyone, paying subscribers help to support me

Subscribe to get my writing on healthcare and patient advocacy delivered directly to your inbox! I appreciate your support!

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